mardi 7 mai 2013

Pierre Ranou: Décès d' Alain Jégou

Pierre Ranou sent a mail saying Alain Jegou had died in the morning on May 6th. Alain was a sailor and a poet. See his page in Wikipedia at and his blog L'Univers poétique d'Alain Jégou
Alain Jégou, Jean Azarel et Pierre Ranou, Rochefort sur Loire.

I had met them with their friend Jean Azarel at a literary exhibition at Rochefort sur Loire in July 2010. See Meeting with Alain Jegou and Jean Azarel at the Marché de la poésie inRochefort sur Loire: July 4th 2010
Interview of Charles Plymell by Alain Jegou:

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