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MILK - A poetry magazine

A Poetry Magazine
Volume 1, Number1
Summer 2010

David Barker • Lisa Birman • Dave Donovan
Dan Fante • Nathan Graziano • Andrew Hilbert
Stephen Hines • Jordan Hurder • Justin Hyde
Richard Krech • Linda Lerner • Lyn Lifshin
Ellaraine Lockie • Gerald Locklin
Hosho McCreesh • Brian McGettrick
Brown Miller • Jack Moxie • Michael Phillips
Charles Plymell • M.P. Powers
William Taylor Jr • A.D. Winans

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Chicago Tribune: Concert review: Iggy and the Stooges at the Riviera

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More on Iggy Pop, read an interview HERE:  Iggy Pop interview: Playing with the Stooges is like being beaten up by a middle-aged gang

(From left) Mike Watt, Iggy Pop, Scott Asheton and James Williamson in London, May 3, 2010. (Courtesy of Columbia Records)

Mediapart: Harvey Pekar

Harvey Pekar, scénarist of «American Splendor», passed away on July 12th 2010.
See in Mediapart the article "Pekar-Crumb, une épopée des petites vies" by Vincent Truffy at

The book "Harv & Bob", scenario by Harvey Pekar, drawings by Robert Crumb, has just been published at the editions Cornelius.

See the video "Harvey Pekar on Letterman ":  downloaded from

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Los Angeles Times: Mike Watt fills in the spaces for the Stooges

The busy bassist, best known for his work with the Minutemen, says the time spent under Iggy Pop has been invaluable.

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By AD Winans

Market Street once
The queen of the city
Now a gaudy whore
Worn with time

I pass the Hamburger Palace
The home of the ninety-nine cent burger
Its doors closed down
Its windows streaked with grime

Inside streaks of mustard and ketchup
On the counter
A crushed soft drink cup
Lies in dirt
A paper napkin floating ghost like
In the wind


By Charles  Plymell

"The Time of Nobody and Nothing has come."
----Elliott Coleman

I know the shipwreck is out there & spacesuit above the sunflower
But I have no god to pray to before the deep dark sleep takes over
There might be a hologram at the edge of space indeed to hold
Old captains afraid to sail beyond the seas tangled in the ropes

I have only chance to pray to and long for the bodies in my bed
Displayed in desperation on the screen flickering cooperations
That have claimed like figurines my possibilities & weary dream
Nothingness has ever been more profound to the boy on a bike

Peddling into unknown possibilities all over and again each day
Oblivious to the eternal connection of love beyond the playmate
Carrying in him the basic traits of human politics and a history
Of cheating, lying, stealing all tattooed once more in the years

To come clinging like lichen to the seawreck'd hope of shore
If only displayed in artificial form as parasite, vamp, old whore
I've climbed that rigging and never fell but to the hype & prize

I've held on to the wheel alongside the road of progress like
The grass, the weeds always half beaten down & sorrowful
Dandelion pride under the feet of those who walk unawares.

He Also Took That Boat by Alma/Joe Ambrose

He Also Took That Boat by Alma/Joe Ambrose will be featured in a forthcoming British festival of music created by pioneering plastic artists - Be Glad For The Song Has No End. The track, favourably reviewed in Art Monthly, had its first outing earlier this year in the London gallery show, Dead Fingers Talk – The Tape Experiments of William S. Burroughs.

Be Glad For The Song Has No End - A Festival of Artists' Music is a day of live musical performances, film screenings and events, set across three uniquely constructed stages in the grounds of Wysing Arts Centre in rural Cambridgeshire, organised and arranged by artist/musician Andy Holden.

Throughout the day artists will perform their music on the two outdoor stages whilst a program of films and performance that explore music from a more documentary or anthropological perspective take place in the cinema stage.

Artists involved in the festival include Archie Bronson Outfit, Luke Fowler, Turner Prize winner Martin Creed, Bob and Roberta Smith, Grubby Mitts, Sam Belinfante, Kim Gordon (Sonic Youth), and Jutta Koether. The festival is supported by Resonance 104.4FM, Lost Toys Records and The Wire magazine, and is made possible by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation and Arts Council England East. For further information on the festival, details of places to stay, transport, and to book tickets visit: 201 + 44 1954 718 881

Mary Beach: collage

Thurston Moore : Ecstatic Peace

Videos on line at

mercredi 25 août 2010

Nicolas CUSSAC: exposition du 1er au 19 septembre 2010

Nicolas CUSSAC

a le plaisir de vous inviter au vernissage
de l'exposition de ses peintures

rue Pierre Rameil

Exposition du Mercredi 1er
au Dimanche 19 Septembre 2010

Galerie en ligne dans Interzone Galleries

samedi 21 août 2010

Collage : Wild Dog, by Bob Branaman

Just married: Lorraine Belcher Chamberlain and S. Clay Wilson

Lorraine Belcher Chamberlain and S. Clay Wilson got married on August 10th 2010 !

Best wishes of happiness to them !

More on S. Clay Wilson :

AD Winans : America

A new poem by AD Winans :

William Burroughs, Charley Plymell and James Grauerholz

Bill Burroughs, charley Plymell and James Grauerholz

"We had to do a special grocery shopping for Ginsberg, who spent most of the time at dinner talking about his special diet that had to be sugar free. They were both asked earlier on stage at Kansas University in Lawrence what their favorite line was in all literature. Bill answered, "Tomorrow,tomorrow tomorrow," and Allen answered "That in black ink my love may still shine bright." After dinner, we reflect and I thought Bill's lines were all too familiar to describe what one goes through trying to score, but of course it had greater connotations. Allen tried to remember and recite the sonnet his lines came from, but couldn't. I said it was easier if he started at the beginning and recited the whole sonnet which I began to do. About halfway through Bill started figiting with his hand in his pocket of his.38 Special. James put his hand on his shoulder to comfort him and whispered "let him finish". Bill wasn't known for liking poetry that much as such, especially my long recital. I laughed to myself while continuing the sonnet, imagining and old cowboy western movie I'd seen where the guy got on stage out in Nevada or somewhere reciting Shakespeare and a drunken cowboy pulled out his revolver to shoot as his feet. They were both impressed at my reciting the whole sonnet.

Soon the Kansas moon lit the sky and Bill was prowling around outside in his pyjamas while James and I talked under a Cottonwood tree. When we came back in, Allen was offered some desert with us, and he reminded us that he must not eat sugar. Bill had been showing off the famous skull from Mexico carved from sugar. I quipped, "At least Allen won't eat your skull!" That got a big chuckle from Bill, who replied in that flat St. Louis voice, "No. Ginsberg won't eat my skull."

That was the last dinner Bill and Allen would have together. It embodied the love that he would later write on his funuary card."

Charles Plymell,  "SOME MOTHERS' SONS",

Healing Crazy Minds: Master Musicians Of Joujouka & Morocco's Boujeloud Festival

Richie Troughton , August 18th, 2010 13:37

Following in the footsteps of Brian Jones and Timothy Leary, Richie Troughton heads to Morocco to experience the magical sounds of the Master Musicians of Joujouka

Read the whole article at :

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Phil Scalia's new wikigraph

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Charles Plymell at Bitter End.

Charles Plymell reading JFK Jr. poem at Bitter End, NYC. after his plane crash.

Baud: Afternoon sphere play

By Baud

Chinese Modern Art: The Last Banquet by Zhang Hongtu, the Chinese Warhol, painted in 1989.

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Herman Leonard passes away

Herman Leonard, icon photographer of Jazz scenes, has died at the age of 87 on August 14th in Los Angeles. He was famous for his "smoky," backlighted B and W photos of Jazz greats like Billie Holiday, Duke Ellington, and Charlie Parker. Over 60,000 of his negatives are stored at the Ogdon Museun. He returned to New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina and was featured in the 2005 BBC Sundance Documentary “Saving Jazz," and was featured in the 2006 BBC documetnary "Saving Jazz."

Herman Leonard in 2004

lundi 16 août 2010

Sunday August 15th NOVACRIMINAL and THE RADIO SWEETHEART live in Long Beach

It's the last show we'll play before William takes off for Ireland so come on down!

Clancy's 803 E. Broadway Long Beach Ca

The Radio Sweetheart


New version, will show in Dresden, Ostrale international exhibition from 27.8 to 19.9 2010
video edition dvdremix, and paper edition.

The project was realized during a pivotal phase of european history, two years before the fall of the Berlin wall, there is an almost premonition sense of the rejoining of the post war divide.
This work is highly significant in its use of networks, digital technology and art on global scale. Ideas that seem omni-present now, ecology, travel and changes in our perception of time and space are all thoroughly explored in this mid 80`s work.
Orient express is important in the canon of technoromanticism, there are echos of the work of Caspar David Friedrich exploring common themes of distance, scale, spiritualism and fraternity by employing the tools of our time. By way of co-incidence Friedrich`s ¨The big enclosure¨ (Das große Gehege - Ostra Gehege) was
painted in 1832 at the site that is now the Ostrale.
More at  

Orient Express, Paris, 1991

The Huffington Post: Gerard Malanga's Journey From Andy Warhol's Stage Dancer To Factory Poet
Screen Test Superstar:

How Gerard Malanga's poetry defined the early Andy Warhol era

Chelsea Weathers

Poetry Foundation

Phil Scalia: new wikigraphs

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invitation exposition andré willequet - galerie didier devillez