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More on William Burroughs: Good Egg: William S. Burroughs

Beautiful pictures of William Burroughs and his garden in "My Education of a Gardener" at

Burroughs in the garden. Text reads: “W.S. Burroughs at rest in the side yard of his house looking at the sky, empty timeless Lawrence Kansas May 28, 1991. ‘But the car (dulls?) it’ he noticed when he saw this snapshot. Allen.” Photo and text by Allen Ginsberg.

15th anniversary of the death of William Burroughs: John Giorno - "The death of William Burroughs"

In the site of Joachim Montessuis , listen to

| John Giorno - The death of William Burroughs - 07'00 |

from the ERRATUM#3 - released in 2001


Dreamachine NOW Available...

DREAMACHINE“… the world’s only artwork you look at with eyes tightly closed.”

Limited Edition Pre-Release

In cooperation with Brion Gysin & William S. Burroughs’ dear friends, for the first time in it’s half-century history, 500 Limited Edition Dreamachines based on Brion Gysin’s original specifications with the traditional internal light are now internationally available at


un teatro fue enterrado en neuquen, argentina para hacer un estacionamiento
la gente y los artistas lo desenterro
el gobierno volvio a taparlo
la gente y los artistas estan volviendo a destaparlo
unite al grupo de facebook
un video donde se ve la gente trabajando
Roberto Daniel gualda

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Interzone report: June-July 2012

Hi all,

15th anniversary of Interzone

William Burroughs passed away on August 2nd 1997, 15 years ago, and August 2012 is the 15th anniversary of Interzone, which started some days after (see at

Summer is the season for Interzone meetings :

- I had the visit of Philip Beitchman, in holidays in France. We had already met twice, with his friend Lionel Bloom, first in Coulanges  (Jan. 2003) and Thouars in July 2005 (see the report at ).
His stay was too short, as it's always a pleasure to meet in the flesh people who joined to Interzone since the very beginning and contributed to make this network what it has become.

- Last week José Altimiras and his family came for the animation "En ces lieux... le livre" which will took place in Loudun on July 28th (see below).
Interzone Editions was part of the animation organized on July 28th in Loudun by the independant association "Cutivons le livre". José Altimiras, the illustrator of "Le Taxidermiste", came for the occasion from Perpignan. We presented the books , and a dreamachine. Jérôme Pintoux, the author of "Interviews d'Outre-Tombe", was also present. (see the articles in Interzone News and Bienvenue à Interzone ).


List of the authors present on saturday July 28th,  Loudun (86):
José Altimiras, Isabelle Aubert-Baudron, Fabrice Bertin, Gino Blandin, Bruno de la Bonnellière, Michel Carmona, Catibou, Philippe-Michel Dillies, Roland Gaillon, Jean Gobelet, Aude Guilvard, Ghilmer, Gérard Jubert, Thérèse de Laplane, Gisèle Manreza, Gérard Menant, Sylvette Noyelle, Jérôme Pintoux, Jean-Yves Revault.
See below the article published in La Nouvelle République on the event on July 31th. (click on the image to read it).

Books published by Interzone Editions:
In French:

In English:
Interzone Editions brochure on line:
Aleksey Dayen. Photo by Pavel Antonov. New York, 2001

I have spoken over time about  the loss of my Russian poet and photographer friend, Aleksey Dayey, who died in his thirties from food poisoning, after having beaten cancer only month earlier.
Terry Clark, a singer-songwriter from the UK, posted information on him on his web site.  Aleksey was coming to SF to film a documentary on my life, and Terry wrote three songs for the movie. 
Ginger has copied the information (with approval of Terry) to a blog site she has created for me (which she administers).  You can access the site by clicking on the link below.

San Francisco Chronicle: S.F. poet AD Winans reflects on life, works

BOOKS - Evan Karp - Published 05:05 p.m., Thursday, July 19, 2012

AD Winans is photographed at Vesuvio on Friday, July 13, 2012 in San Francisco, Calif. AD Winans is a poet who has published more than 50 books. Photo: Yue Wu, The Chronicle / SF
AD Winans shows himself in a smaller version of a 1970's poster of poets gathered at Vesuvio bar, in the North Beach neighborhood of San Francisco, Calif on Friday, July 13, 2012. Photo: Yue Wu, The Chronicle / SF

AD Winans shows himself in a smaller version of a 1970's poster of poets gathered at Vesuvio bar, in the North Beach neighborhood of San Francisco, Calif on Friday, July 13, 2012. Photo: Yue Wu, The Chronicle / SF

After the portrait of the philosopher
Massimo Cacciari (by Robert Maggiori), and an article by Cacciari on "the ideal of the Empire", published in Libération of friday, we have put on line another recent article by this writer on “Germany and Europe”.
See on the front page the different links. (Cacciari,
"L’idéal de l'Empire, de Prométhée à Epiméthée" & "Aujourd'hui l'Allemagne")

The page of news has also been updated with (already, alas! ) the titles of the books to be published in autumn: Kafka, Robert, Chestov, Hayyim de Volozhyn, Nahmanide, Surya, Vold, Suarès, Bettini, in the order of publishing...
which must not make you forget : Broch, Bergamin, Bonnet, Kenaan, le pseudo-Kant, Martin, Schlegel, Scholem, Spitzer, Trigano (in alphabetic order) published from January to June 2012, which are waiting for you in bookshops and the details of which on the page of news (at the section “anciennes nouveautés”)

Thanks for your interest.
Wishing you a good summer.
Bon été

Michel Valensi
Editions de l'éclat


Homage to Christophe and Jérôme Brosset

La Nouvelle République
Vienne - Disparition
Syrinx perd une de ses voix
22/06/2012 05:26
Christophe Brosset.
During the night of latest June 13-14 ans, Christophe Brosset passed away. The Ateliers musicaux Syrinx pay a tribute to this « veluable man, a great musician and artist who lived through and for Music ». He was a trained guitarist and pianoist, and practiced all styles. As a musician, he participated to the creation of many groups in Poitou in the eitghties as « Oye como va », « les 4 Vindis », « Clé ». With his brother Jérôme, a drummer, he wins many prices among which the Concours national jazz de la Défense with their group  « Cîmagil ».
As a composer, he produced many pieces of work. Parallely he taught piano-jazz at à Syrinx since 1988 and rules a worshop : the little Big Band. He also expressed himself through painting. A part of his works is presently exposed in Montmorillon at the « Palais du Papier » until July 1st.

Links :
cimagil "cycle'

Enregistrement du merle extrait de la symphonie du bas des sables (Christophe BROSSET)
cimagil "journée"  :

Homage to our drummer Jérôme, who died suddenly on September 28th 2008.

Master Musicians of Joujouka: Boujeloud 2012 Festival Boujeloud Master ...

JOUJOUKA INTERZONE teaser 2 - 2012

Master Musicians of Joujouka: amazing article on the 2008 Brian Jones festival...

Major photo feature on Master Musicians of Joujouka Brian Jones 40th Anniversary Festival 2008

Kings of the Stone Age by Mark Paytress and photos by Jill Furmanovsky
This is an amazing 11 page photo feature on the Master Musicians of Joujouka Brian Jones 40th Anniversary Festival held in Joujouka on this day in 2008. Words are by Rolling Stone's expert Mark Paytress and photos by global legend Jill Furmanovsky.  Click link to read PDF, print or download.

Booking for the 2013 edition is open now on Master Musicans of Joujouka "Kings of the Stone Age" Photos Jill Furmanovsky words Mark P...

optical sound exclusive shirts for this summer


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105 rue des Volubilis 83190 Ollioules
16 Rue Eugène Lacroix 67200 Strasbourg
25 rue des Cascades 75020 Paris


Mino shares the garden of his dreams

During the summer, Mino opens his garden workshop to the public :


APEROCONTES by La Compagnie Le Chien qui Miaule
The friends of LIZIERES are happy to welcome at the Château d’Epaux-Bézu the company Le Chien qui Miaule for an ApéroContes, on friday June 15th at 7 pm.
The ApéroContes are the occasion for the inhabitants of the communces which welcome them, but also for lovers of all kind of stories and of all ages, to meet during evenings dedicated to words, those one likes to tell, to hear and to exchange.
The show is free, in the limit of available places.
Refreshment stall will be proposed.

"Riders on the storm"/"Waiting for the sun"
Paul O'DONOVAN's gallery :
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Galerie Ecritures: Exposition Jacques CINQUIN

Preview on June 22, starting at 6 pm.
Exhibition of drawings and paintings by Jacques Cinquin on the theme of the beach and seasodes from June 19th to September 19th 2012.

Didier Devillez: un mois, une oeuvre - juillet 2012

53 rue Emmanuel Van Driessche
1050 Bruxelles (Belgique)
Tél./Fax +32 (0)475 931 935

New pages

In Interzone sites: 

En ces lieux... des livres : &
Brochure of Interzone Editions: 
Homage to Christophe and Jérôme Brosset :
Soleil Bleu 
Mino shares the garden of his dreams :
Paul O'Donovan: "Riders on the storm"/"Waiting for the sun" :
Bienvenue à Interzone:
Interzone news:  

In other sites:

Aleksey Dayen and A.D. Winans
Editions de l'Eclat:
Cimagil sur MySpace: 
cimagil "cycle' 
cimagil "journée"
cimagil "solo batterie"
Patrick Vergnaud:
Master Musicians of Joujouka:
Joujouka Interzone 2012:
LIZIERES : APEROCONTES le vendredi 15 juin 2012 à partir de 19h :
Galerie ECRITURES,ecritures-15609.html

Between two reports, the news are on line in Interzone News  and Bienvenue à Interzone .
Wishing you a happy summer.
Isabelle Aubert-Baudron