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Paul O'Donovan: The Soft Parade

The Soft Parade

Ginger K. Eades site and blog

Blog at Even for the Hipsters, Hustlers & Highjivers

Ginger K. Eades
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Mike Watt with the Stooges

DanceDreamDance — 18 mars 2007 — The Stooges play live at Waterloo Records in Austin Texas March 16th 2007 during SXSW. The store was at capacity, hundreds trying to get in, pretty awesome. Footage is a little shaky but the spirit is there.

"Chez Laurence" : nouveau salon de thé rue St Médard

Philip Scalia photographs

Philip Scalia photographs

Mike Watt and Robert Branaman

Mike Watt and Robert Branaman

Mike Watt in Myspace :

Robert Branaman video by UGROOK06 — 25 avril 2010

UGROOK06 — 25 avril 2010 — Beat Generation poet, painter, and film producer Bob Branaman continues to make avant garde art today. Branaman joined the Beatniks in San Francisco in the 1950s, part of the Kansas Vortex, which included Charles Plymell and Michael McClure, and soon made his name as a hep cat. He outlived many of his bohemian contemporaries, despite his bad habits. In Spring 2010 he had a show of his paintings at Beyond Baroque in Los Angeles.

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Charles Plymell : The Benzedrine Highway Interview

Interview by Paul Hawkins :
On line with phtographs at
Bill and friends

Neal Cassady, 1963

Paul Kennedy: Sunrise Studio

Welcome to Sunrise SSL Studio

Sunrise Recording Studio offers a state of the art SSL recording and mixing facility. Based in the vibrant center of Islington, in the heart of central London, Sunrise is set in a relaxed and professional environment & is staffed and equipped to the highest standard for recording artists and record producers alike. With acoustics by award winning Andy Munro we are proud to present this state of the art facility for your consideration.

For bookings & information please contact.

Sunrise Studio Bookings Manager

Paul Kennedy E-mail>

Tel:+44 (0) 207-685-8595

Control room

Desk: SSL 6000E G+ 60 CH

Acoustics: Andy Munro.

Monitors: Yamaha NS10, KRK RP8, Dynaudio Acoustics M1.

Amps: Quad 520F Power Amplifier, Bryston 600, Chord SPA1032.
Work station:

Computers: Apple G5 Tower Quad Core, Pro Tools HD3 System, Prism Dream ADA - 8xR Plus 2x192 Digidesign, Total of 40 Ins And Outs, Apple G5 Tower Dual Core, Protools7, Logic Pro 8.

Keyboards: Korg M3 Music Work Station, Yamaha Motif Rack X5, Waldorf Q Synthesiser, Roland XP- 60 Work Station, Novation Remote 37 5L, Nord C1, Micro Korg, NI Kore Hardware


Compressors:EMI TGI2413 Zener Limiter Stereo, Urei 1176N x2, Manley Elop, Tube Tech Stereo Multiband compressor SMC2B, Manley Massive Passive Stereo Equaliser, Tube Tech Program Equaliser PE1B, Emperical Labs EL8X Distressor, DBX 160 Compressor Limiter x2, DBX 165 Over Easy Compressor Limiter x2, JoeMeek Channel VC2, Waves Platinum 6.

Reverbs: Lexicon 480L Reverb, Lexicon 224X Reverb, The Great British Spring Reverb.

Effects: Sherman Filterbank, Evantide DSP4000 Ultra Harmoniser, AMS DMX 15-80s Delay, AMS DM 2-20 Tape Phase Simulator, Bel Electronics Flanger BF-20, Watkins Copicat Tape Delay, Roland SDE-330 Space Delay, Roland SDE-3000 Digital Delay, Yamaha SPX 90x2, Drawmer Dual Gate DS 201, Music Coder Barth Vocoder, Line 6 Pod XT Pro, TC Helicon Voice Harmony Vocal Effect.
House Engineer "Savvas"
Our in house Engineer Savvas comes with a great track record after just completing the now platinum Peter Andre album amongst many many other projects. The Studio can be booked with or with out our house engineer.Savvas has worked for the past 15 years with some of the UK's and US's top artists at some of London's top studios.Having graduated from Master Rock studio he worked with many top producers. Savvas then went on to work as a house engineer at Mayfair studios. Savvas continues to produce top results for big number of UK and international Producers, Labels, Writers and Artists.
Paul Kennedy

Sunrise Recording Studio
Phone: +44 (0) 207-685-8595


FIFVC 2010

New moving images

11-14 MAY 2010



ackerman film clips of plymell

S. Clay Wilson scrawling on the wall of his building "Plymell is back" and the photo of him, Glenn and me at the Art Institute in SF. With Ginsberg & Burroughs later ate late night dinner, the last time they saw each other. Charles Plymell

Mary Beach-Pelieu and Claude Pelieu website with art catalogue

The Beach-Plymell Collection :

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Inside William Burroughs' Orgone Accumulator Photograph by George Laughead

Phil Baker: William S. Burroughs
Along with Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg, William S. Burroughs (1914––97) is an iconic figure of the Beat generation. In William S. Burroughs, Phil Baker investigates this cult writer’s life and work—from small-town Kansas to New York in the ’40s, Mexico and the South American jungle, to Tangier and the writing of Naked Lunch, to Paris and the Beat Hotel, and ’60s London—alongside Burrough’s self-portrayal as an explorer of inner space, reporting back from the frontiers of experience.

After accidentally shooting his wife in 1951, Burroughs felt his destiny as a writer was bound up with a struggle to come to terms with the “Ugly Spirit” that had possessed him. In this fascinating biography, Baker explores how Burroughs’s early absorption in psychoanalysis shifted through Scientology, demonology, and Native American mysticism, eventually leading Burroughs to believe that he lived in an increasingly magical universe, where he sent curses and operated a “wishing machine.” His lifelong preoccupation with freedom and its opposites—forms of control or addiction—coupled with the globally paranoid vision of his work can be seen to evolve into a larger ecological concern, exemplified in his idea of a divide between decent people or “Johnsons” and those who impose themselves upon others, wrecking the planet in the process.

Drawing on newly available material, and rooted in Burroughs’s vulnerable emotional life and seminal friendships, this insightful and revealing study provides a powerful and lucid account of his career and significance.

samedi 17 avril 2010

Charles Plymell : Eat Not Thy Mind Review by Paul Hawkins

Eat Not Thy Mind is a piece of art. A collage by Claude Pelieu on the front cover and a foreward written by friend and bass spanker Mike Watt. This book comprises of 18 contemporary poems by the Outlaw Poet that is Charley Plymell. With love and care Glass Eye Books/Ecstatic Peace Library series editors Byron Coley and Thurston Moore have produced beautiful artifact. And that`s just the outside! Charley Plymell is rightly thought of as one of the best poets within the Amerikan literary underground. He has seen a lot since his birth on the Kansas high plains in 1935 and the early memories of the sound of the wind in the cab of an Reo Speedwagon truck. His father was a cowboy, his mother once a stunt car driver. He stormed out of Kansas with the likes of Bob Branaman, S. Clay Wilson, Michael McClure, Bruce Connor and the Wichita Punks speeding through the vortex, wailing and roaring north, south, east and west. Plymell and the Wichita Punks had road tested speed, dropped LSD, held mescaline rituals and experimented with art and other creative forms in the 1950`s. All trail blazers. He already had two volumes of poetry, Neon Poems and Apocalypse Rose out when in 1971 City Lights published his seminal novel, Last of The Moccasins. This novel grips, gleams and glistens with his hobohemian prose-style; spinning tales of his life in and around Wichita, his road trips to and from the West Coast along the Rt. 66 Benzedrine Highway and beyond, his crazy Hipster years and the boho life of his elder sister Betty. His words became sparks of energy, sparring partners to the mind. Eat Not Thy Mind`s lexeme glows incandescent in 21st century dark consciousness becoming the lubricant on which the freaky brain clouds part to reveal a head-on, vibrant and astute engagement with life. Charley`s words at once heady, seductive and intoxicatingly descriptive. His Hipster years melded into his psychedelic ones and he hit the handbrake in San Fransisco. Charley lived with Ginsberg and Neal Cassady, printed the first Zap Comix by Robert Crumb, wrote and wrote and wrote some more. Having burnt rubber and seen through the Beats Inc. Charley licked his wounds and wound up in Cherry Valley. He condemned the National Endowment for the Arts and his sharp and intelligent analysis appeared in the NY Times and other print outlets, spilling the beans on the NEA`s inbred favoritism. With his wife Pam they started Cherry Valley Editions publishing Herbert Huncke, William Burroughs, Roxie Powell, Claude Pelieu, Mary Beach to name but a few. Charley still and always will remain very firmly a poet. And what a poet. Always sensing where to cross the tracks from an early age, Charley`s Eat Not Thy Mind sends energy pulses soaring round the readers mind, birth pooling a new view on the present day madness, anutha zone of interrogation, a fresh windblast for the head and heart to get tanked up on and soar. Charley Plymell`s Eat Not Thy Mind is supreme.

Charles Plymell : Eat Not Thy Mind

Glass Eye Books/Ecstatic Peace Library

Buy it here

374 trade copies and 26 lettered and signed by Charles Plymell

See Charles Plymell's interview by Paul Hawkins “Charles Plymell : The Benzedrine Highway Interview” in  Ginger Eades's blog Even for the Hipsters, Hustlers & Highjivers

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Ricardo Mbarkho: Artists talk: video art by Björn Melhus at Beirut Art Lounge

Artists talk: video art by Björn Melhus

Beirut Art Lounge
Karantina River bridge
09th April 2010, 19:30

Homepage of Björn Melhus

The Lazarus Corporation: what do you want on an art website?

the lazarus corporation news & updates
the lazarus corporationalternative visual art, music & writing
Hi Isabelle Baudron,
The Lazarus Corporation website is currently in the process of a major overhaul - that means recoding from the ground up: structure, functionality, and visual design. You won't see any changes until it's all done, sometime around May this year.
My question for you is: what sort of features/functionality would you like to see?
You can take the following 6 items as granted:
  • the ability to view pieces of artwork - visual art and writing
  • the ability to purchase pieces of artwork
  • the ability to leave comments on pieces of artwork
  • the ability to view articles & reviews
  • the ability to leave comments on articles & reviews
  • the ability to easily post items of interest to facebook/twitter
Here's how to let me know your ideas:
All suggestions (however vague) will be gratefully received!

Paul / the Lazarus Corporation
the lazarus corporation

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Interzone report: February March 2010

"Virginia Woolf ~ The Great Frost",
reference to a passage from V Woolf's novel "Orlando".
Hi all,

Every time I start the report I have the impression there is not much to say, but once I have gathered the whole, it ineluctably ends to be a huge one. Well, here it is.

 Farewell !

Lyman Andrews

            Lyman Andrews - Yugoslavia poetry festival 60's                                   Lyman Denver 1979 
Photos transmitted by Paul O'Donovan
Lyman Henry Andrews (born April 2, 1938 Denver) was an American poet, and close friend of Allen Ginsberg and Robert Lowell amongst other writers with whom he maintained a lifelong contact. He also knew William Burroughs, in Tangiers and London. Lyman Andrews died Friday 13th February 2009 at his apartment in Nottingham. (Wikipedia

You can read his poem "Icarus", illustrated by Paul O'Donovan in Paul's gallery in the Western Lands at in Interzone Galleries at

Jose Ferez Kuri: Salute!

Photo Credit Jose Feez Kuri celebrating William Burrough's birthday, Lawrence, Kansas, 1994 by Jonathan Blumb
Jose Ferez Kuri passed away on 25 March in Paris.  He will be remembered for his work promoting the paintings of Brion Gysin, William S. Burroughs and Kenji Yoshido.

Among his great achievements  was his book Brion Gysin: Tuning in to the Multimedia Age (Thames & Hudson, 2003). His work curating  Kenji Yoshido and  William Burroughs and posthumously promoting  Brion Gysin resulted in innumerable gallery and museum shows across the world.

On Saturday friends gathered at the Sacré Coeur where Adrian Dunbar led a ceremony on the steps overlooking Paris.

He was cremated 31 March at Pere Lachaise. Jon Blumb sent a photo from Lawrence, Kansas of Jose at William Burrough's birthday party in 1994 which was placed before his coffin. Yuri Zupancic from the Burroughs Foundation read tributes that had arrived  from his many friends on five continents.  Jose’s brother Antonio thanked everyone who loved his brother and celebrated his life. Among the readings was one of Jose's favorite passages from The Process by Brion Gysin.

"The sands of Present Time are running out from under our feet. And why not ? The Great Conundrum: "What are we here for?" Is all that ever held us here in the first place. Fear. The answer to the riddle of the Ages has actually been out on the street since the First Step in Space. Who runs may read but few run fast enough. What are we here for ? Does the great metaphysical nut revolve around that ? Well, I'll crack it for you, right now. What are we here for ? We are here to go." Brion Gysin The Process

Interzone news: 

Update of the URL of Interzone reports:

Since October 2009, the reports of Interzone activities hosted in geocities sites had disappeared, as geocities deleted all the free sites then.
I have put them on line again in and have updated their URL in the pages "Information on Interzone" at and .
2 reports have been lost in 12 years (April and May 2000), but the rest is on line: 137 reports, the most of them are in French and English versions . Though a number of the links included in the pages are now obsolete, the contents of the Zone's activities is still accessible.

General semantics:

  1. Préface et avertissement au lecteur
  2. and Premier chapitre

Interzone Editions: English chapters of "The Time of the Naguals -Around Burroughs and Gysin" in pdf:

I have gathered in a pdf file the English chapters of "The Time of the Naguals - Around Burroughs and Gysin", which has been published in French and is available in printed version: see "Le Temps des Naguals - Autour de Burroughs et Gysin" , Interzone Editions book also is available in pdf. 
Those pdf of French and English versions are free for all the Zoners who wrote in the compilation "The Time of the Naguals" : if you want to get them, let me know and I shall send you the files with "YouSendIt".

"The Time of the Naguals" and non-Aristotelian economy: 

Concerning this book, "The Time of the Naguals", I need your feed-backs here: this book is a compilation realized with other Interzone members since the start of the Zone. I wrote the first version in the eighties, and submitted it to Burroughs to have his authorization concerning the translation of interviews of him by Bill rich and Victor Bockris, of extracts of "the Place of the Dead Roads", and "Last Words of Hassan Sabbah." A number of chapters have been added since : interviews of Ramuntcho Matta, and the whole doc on the reseach on apomorphine cure, realized in the eighties as well.
This book is the first tome of the compilation called "The Time of the Naguals", which contains a number of tomes in English, written by Zoners (To come soon: I know, I am late here and shall try to finish it before the end of April). It is too big to be printed, so all the tomes will be gathered on a CD in pdf or format for ipod.

As a result, it is a common work, so we must consider the financial aspect : 
- shall we sell it ?
- if yes, how much ?
- what shall we do with the money ? It cannot be shared among the participants because there are too many, so the benefits would be very small for each book sold. So I leave to your appreciation what to do in this area.
I suggest here that we keep on using the non-Aristotelian step put up in Interzone: for more information, see the accounts and progression of this research since February 2000 in the pages dedicated to non-A economy in "La sémantique générale pour tous" at Restructuration: Une économie non-aristotélicienne 
This research is an experiment of Korzybski's data on the use of money as a symbol of exchange (see "Science and Sanity": "On symbolism" , French translation: Du symbolisme (ch. VI) It rests on a scientific step based upon hypothesis and experiment of those hypothesis to see if they fit to the facts. As my first experiment since 2008 with Interzone Edition seems satisfying to me (it works, I can handle it myself, it is adapted to my means and possibilities), I propose to apply it at the scale of the Zone, as its structure fits to the Zone's one, so we can see the results then and decide if it reveals itself efficient. Such an experiment does not require money, just using what has been done already, and the means to our disposal.


Master Musicians of Joujouka featured Antibothis book antology and CD compilation out now

"Master Musicians of Joujouka Festival 4-6 June, Joujouka/Jajouka, Morocco is still booking on the Master Musicians of Joujouka official site " Frank.

joujouka via johnny cash

frank rynne interviewed by paul hawkins

shocker_tv: dubstep disintegrated (videos from 2/3/10 show @ Cheyenne Saloon)

thanks everyone who was there that night to support digital hardcore scene in las vegas. some video footages for those of you who could not make it or the ones live on the other side of the world.
clockwork noise dubstep  

novacriminal - The Spies - The Radio Sweetheart LIVE @ The Terrace in Pasadena

3/2/2010 9:30 PM at The Terrace
433 E. Colorado Ave., Pasadena, California 
Cost: $5
novacriminal - 9PM
The Spies - 10PM
The Radio Sweetheart - 11PM
and on St Patrick's Day : 
3/17/2010 8 PM at The Terrace
433 E. Colorado Ave., Pasadena, California 
Cost: $10
5$ Jameson, 4$ GREEN BREW
"Get a hotel room and ruin your livers with us!"
Shoppy - 9PM
novacriminal - 10PM  


New exhibition of William Burroughs' tape recorder experiments in London

"Dead Fingers Talk is an ambitious forthcoming exhibition presenting two unreleased tape experiments by William Burroughs from the mid 1960s alongside responses by 23 artists, musicians, writers, composers and curators.
"The exhibition includes work by Joe Ambrose, Steve Aylett, Alex Baker & Kit Poulson, Lawrence English, The Human Separation, Riccardo Iacono, Anthony Joseph, Cathy Lane, Eduardo Navas, Negativland, o.blaat, Aki Onda, Jörg Piringer, Plastique Fantastique, Simon Ruben White, Giorgio Sadotti, Scanner, Terre Thaemlitz, Thomson & Craighead, Laureana Toledo and Ultra-red, with performances by Ascsoms and Solina Hi-Fi."
Dead Fingers Talk: The Tape Experiments of William S. Burroughs
28th May – 18th July 2010 
See also Joe Ambroses's page about it at collective studio : Exhibition of a dreamachine at the Villa Arson

"The centre national d'art contemporain de nice (villa arson) exposes a dreamachine made by us during their exhibition "double bind" From february 5th to May 30th. à bientôt!" gianluca  
Gianluca  has been making dreamachines in Geneve since some years: see them in his site in the page "Dreamachine Manufacture"

Anthony ROUSSEAU : TRAME au TriPostal

"Hello to all,
 I wanted to inform you that the installation "TRAME"  was broadcasted at the Tripostal during the
Fête de l'animation at Lille from March 18 th to 21th 2010
I presented "TRAME" on March 18th at Euratechnologies (Lille) at 5:40 pm, on March 19th at the Maison Européenne des Sciences de l'Homme (Lille) at 5:15 pm and was at the TriPostal on saturday March 20 6 pm to meet you. Yours." Anthony Rousseau
The complete program is available at this address: 

Laurent Beysson: Création multimedia

Laurent makes exhibitions with multimedia tools he creates . You can experiment them on the web at . Go to the pages, click on the videos and move your mouse on the screen :



Optical sound: February Anxiety  and april flowers


Jean-Marc Vincent has been organising an exhibition of the paintings by Bruno Danjoux in his gallery "Ecritures" in Montluçon. More details at

Paul O'Donovan:

"Virginia Woolf ~ The Great Frost", reference to a passage from V Woolf's novel "Orlando" and Lyman Andrews - Yugoslavia poetry festival 60's & Lyman Denver 1979 .
The pages of Paul's   illustrations in the Western Lands have been updated. You can view tham from the first page at to the last one at hosted in this site.
Much more have been put on line since and the whole is available in 60 pages in the site Interzone Galleries : 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 3435 36 37 38  39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60


Bernard Bacos: all that you always wanted to know about the Trendy!  

"Doubtless the best interview which it was given to me to answer since I created my site, about the "Trendyness", by the relevance of the composed questions!
Take the opportunity to visit his blog, full of interesting rubrics, specially on cinema:

New sites on Facebook

 New pages on line

 In Interzone sites:

"La sémantique générale pour tous" at
- «Séminaire de Sémantique Générale 1937 »Transcription des Notes des Conférences de Sémantique Générale Données à Olivet College:
Préface et avertissement au lecteur and Premier chapitre
- Sémantique générale et sciences humaines  Thermodynamique et information
Restructuration: Une économie non-aristotélicienne
- I New data on money: what are we talking about exactly?
- II Application of those data in the context of the Zone
- Du symbolisme (ch. VI)

Paul O'Donovan :"Virginia Woolf ~ The Great Frost", reference to a passage from V Woolf's novel "Orlando", and Lyman Andrews - Yugoslavia poetry festival 60's & Lyman Denver 1979 ., "Icarus" : and

In the other Zoners'sites:

Master Musicians of Joujouka featured Antibothis book antology and CD compilation out now:
frank rynne interviewed by paul hawkins

shocker_tv: dubstep disintegrated (videos from 2/3/10 show @ Cheyenne Saloon)

Laurent Beysson: . . 
Multitouch screen en Lycra,Vector Fluid  ,Ambiante 

Galerie Ecritures: exposition Bruno Danjoux :

Galerie Didier  Devillez :

Bernard Baco

Between two reports, the news are updated in the blog Interzone news:

Wishing you happy Easter and a quiet and sunny spring.
Izzy: email: i.aubert[at]