samedi 13 août 2011

Mino DC: inauguration du nouvel atelier déchetterie du grand moiré

inauguration du nouvel atelier déchetterie du grand moiré

10 et 11 septembre 2011

après 40 ans de collectionnite, le tri nettoyage et le restockage,
aboutissent à des installations, ready made mémoriels.

projections, zique et perfos en soirée

prévenez et amenez votre panier!

Mino DC: 05 49 69 74 84

vendredi 5 août 2011

Interzone report of July 2011

Hi all,

"Blade Runner" has been published in France recently : "Le porte-lame", éditions Tristram, translated by Bernard Sigaud, 89 pages, 14 euros . See Arnaud Vivian's article, "William Burroughs, une sacré santé !"

August 2nd is the fourteenth anniversary of William Burroughs' death and 10 August, of Interzone start. (see Presentation of Interzone).

Interzone is a network of Burroughs' readers who got in touch through the net when he died, and decided after sometimes to create a network. Its activities are related in the reports in the site "Interzone reports" since 1997. Interzone is not a "virtual" network: its a network of real people creating things in their own domains of artistic activities, and make them happen in physical world.

This network arose from our respective interrogations about Burroughs' and Gysin' inventions and experiments, and the curiosity of testing them at the scale of a group, and to share the respective results. See "The Time of the Naguals: Research" , on line in pdf at , and in French, "Le Temps des Naguals - Autour de Burroughs et Gysin"

The domain which has been the most popular is the dreamachine: : easy and cheap to build, everyone can make his own research concerning the effects. This page gathers the info from a number of people. See also the yahoo group "Dreamachine" created by Dan Sathington.

The common realization which gathered the largest numer of participants, more than a hundred, is the anthology

"The Time of the Naguals" : the first tome in French and

height in English, three of which have been published. All the published tomes are available in pdf at


Among the people who played an important part in the creation of Interzone : Grazulis and shocker_tv, known then as foe4foe. (see below)

More aspects of Interzone:


The catalogue contains Zoners' productions in arts, literature, multimedia

Galleries :

Interzone Academy 2011:

I have put on line again some rubrics of the old site Interzone Academy previously hosted in Geocities . They now are in :

Brion Gysin & Ramuntcho Matta - The Final Academy - London 1982

Medical research:

"The Patient" by Agent Dot Zero

  • Apomorphine and detoxification files:

This rubric contains the set of documents related to Dr John Dent's apomorphine cure, and the ones from Dr Martensen Larsen and Carl Carlsson in Sweden:

- Apomorphine: présentation : Isabelle Aubert-Baudron

A non-Aristotelian economy

This page gathers the doc related to economy since the first years we got confronted to questions of money in Interzone, plus the articles published since 2000. See the report of June 2011 at .


Paul O'Donovan's new site in MySpace:

Ten songs from his album "The Happylands and Elsewhere" are now on line in his new site of MySpace , instead of the site "Interzone CD1" which hosted them before. To join Paul:

This album is not for sale, just for free listening.

Interzone CD1: more songs on line

I have uploaded 9 songs from the CD Interzone CD1 :

The music of Zakiya Leeming


Electrophone: "Le Monde est plein de frites et de télévisions aquatiques"

Aux éditions Le Flibustier, 52, rue du Commandant Mages, 13001 - MARSEILLE

ISBN 978-2-918156-06-2

Couverture: Vincent Verdeille

Frais de port gratuits pour les particuliers.

Joindre l'auteur:

Edition précédente : la Librairie Electrique, illustration Michel Pagnoux :



Anthony Rousseau: Danse Macabre:

"I'd like to introduce to you the first announcement of my installation "Danse Macabre", visible at this address : . Some adjustments still have to be done but we come to the end of this project.

@ bientôt


ps: for those who would like it, I'll in Lille from August 22 to 26 , to make the last tests of thuis installation...


Paul O'Donovan: "The Colour Field from Within", June 2011


Grazulis: monkeyironbuddha Tea and buddism

Grazulis was one of the first person to join Interzone on August 10th 1997. He was one of the pillars of the beginning of the network.

Grazulis blog:

A new site by Optical Sound dedicated to 23

Pierre Beloüin & P. Nicolas Ledoux

Poster 60X80

Offset + Sérigraphie

expédié en rouleau, uniquement en France

Edité dans le cadre de l'exposition Musique Plastique

105 rue des Volubilis 83190 Ollioules

16 Rue Eugène Lacroix 67200 Strasbourg

25 rue des Cascades 75020 Paris

We're also on iTunes via Diogenes.

New pages on line

In Interzone sites:

The "Burroughs' White Cat" Challenges the Board (April 2001)

This rubric contains the set of documents related to Dr John Dent's apomorphine cure, and the ones from Dr Martensen Larsen and Carl Carlsson in Sweden:

- Apomorphine: présentation : Isabelle Aubert-Baudron

Paul O'Donovan: "The Happylands and Elsewhere"

Mglon: Palmipeda:

Paul O'Donovan: "The Colour field from within"

In the other Zoners' sites

Zakya Leeming on MySpace:

Galerie Didier Devillez:

Grazulis: monkeyironbuddha Tea and buddism Grazulis Gallery: Grazulis blog:

Anthony Rousseau: Danse Macabre:

Between two reports, the news are updated in the blog Interzone news:

All the best for your hollidays if you take some, and a fifteenth Interzone year, as facinating as the previous years.

Izzy i.aubert[at]