jeudi 29 octobre 2009

Multi-functions and new look 2009 dreamachines

For more info see Interzone info on the dreamachine
Since a long time I wanted to make affordable dreamachines, which could be used as well as luminars, with a nice look.
This required to use new turntables, which was not so common during the last years.
But those ones are recent, and cheap (less than 100 €), small and light, and have some extra functions :
- The one from Outiror, old style, is very nice. The quality of the radio is so so honestly, but the turntable works perfectly, and includes 78 rpm, which is easier for the dreamachines (less holes to cut). Price: 59,99 € + post fees.

- The other one from Elta is a digital one, modern style, and incudes 78 rpm as well, USB key and SD card to record the old LP in MP3, which is great actually.
It does not seem to work with all the USB keys though, as it does not recognize the USB key of my external hard drive, and there must be better quality recorders on the market, but it works, and the recordings are acceptable. The radio is also so so: not a great tuner, but well, it works.
Price: 79.90 € : the cheapest I have found at the moment, more expensive in other sites.
But one can find smaller prices sometimes on eBay.
This is just the start actually, and I still want to improve some technical aspects in the making, but the look is presentable, the buyer can choose it, and they work perfectly as dreamachines.

Isabelle Aubert-Baudron

Turntable including radio from Outiror
33, 45 and 78 rpm. Info at

Turntable including tuner, USB key and SD card to record in MP3 the LP you play.
33, 45 and 78 rpm.
ELTA 2970 Tourne-disque avec RADIO + SD / USB

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