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Naked Luch @ 50 1959-2009

Naked Luch @ 50 1959-2009 :
New site by Olivier Harris


To mark the 50th Anniversary of the publication of Naked Lunch, we are hosting celebratory events in Paris and London in 2009 during which a variety of artists, musicians, and writers will perform and read their work in tribute to Burroughs and his great book. There will be exhibitions, films, discussions, dérives, magic and more…
The events will reflect the continuing significance and influence of Naked Lunch throughout different cultures and media, and will provide opportunities for admirers of the book to contribute during open mike sessions. Check this site for details about the times and venues for forthcoming events, screenings, symposia, and shows, and for information on the performers and contributors. In addition we will post news about a special tribute to take place in New York in 2009 as well as information on planned homages to be staged by other Burroughsians around the world.
Paris - July 2009
Naked Lunch@50: Anniversary Essays Book Launch July 30 at the University of London Institute in Paris
Paris Homage July 1-3 on the Left Bank of Paris
Beat Avenues: A Performance by Eric Andersen
A Blue Shirt in Paris: RB Morris and Hector Qirko
Operation Trance: Reading by Terry Wilson
Readings and Performances by Louise Landes Levy
Standup Hipster Routines by CP Lee
Calling Dr Benway: electro performance by Underwires
Lee the Magician: magic show by Lee Warren
NL@50: Symposium July 1-3 at the University of London Institute in Paris
New York - October 2009
Columbia University (details to come)
New York University (details to come)
School of Visual Arts (details to come)
Turnstile Vaulting at Washington Square Station (details to come)
London (details to come)
What are you doing to honor Burroughs?

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