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Newsletter from Interzone Editions

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Hi all,
Last year I had to stop writing Interzone reports which had become huge and were taking too much time. But I keep on publishing the news from the network in the blogs Interzone news and Bienvenue à Interzone

Several new things in Interzone Editions: 

Created in 2008, Interzone Editions is six years old. The enterprise is an experiment of the non-Aristotelian economy formulated in the framework of the research in economy conducted by Interzone network (see Interzone Academy 2011 and the blog Pour une économie non-aristotélicienne articles in French and English) and until now the results have confirmed the hypothesis of the start.

1. The site:
- an English version:

As Interzone Editions publishes several English titles, new pages are on line for English speaking readers :
Who we are:

2. Latest publications 2014:

a) Printed books:

de_taxidermist2     tcsnc

- A Dutch version of The Taxidermist, the comic book by José ALTIMIRAS & François DARNAUDET : De Taxidermist: translation: Peter VAN DE LEUR - ISBN : 978-2-9531513-9-8 . Prix: 22 €
- Isabelle AUBERT-BAUDRON : Des Systèmes de Contrôle: Techniques de Contrôle et Stratégies de Non-Contrôle - Tome 1 - ISBN :978-2-9531513-7-4 – Prix: 10 €. A short manual containing a presentation of the main mechanisms of control systems (destructuring) and practical strategies to free oneself mentally from them.(restructuring) 
b) Electronic editions in Kindle format on Amazon:

The illustrated Christmas tale for children, Stella Matutina:
- in French at (price: 3,08 €) ,
- Stella Matutina: in English at (price: £ 2,42).

Le Taxidermiste: in French at (price: 2,89 €) ,
The Taxidermist : in English at  (price: £2,30),

De Taxidermist: in Dutch at : (price: 2,89 €) 
In the future: a Spanish version, and a Catalan one, but this is still a few years down the road.

The different versions are available in kindle on all Amazon sites, so you can buy them with the currency which suits you..
The prices on (US) do not appear on the pages of the eBooks ( ) , but Stella Matutina is at $ 3,78 ( and The Taxidermist, at $ 3,60 in the results of research. ( ).

The benefits from the sales are shared between all participants of each book (author, illustrator, translator, and publisher).
The prices will increase starting from January 1st 2015, due to the European VAT : Amazon changes KDP terms in response to upcoming changes in EU tax laws . Just discovering Amazon publishing, I am not presently aware of the implications of this law, nor of the actual changes on prices in the future.

3. Other publications, in printed books:
- Alfred Korzybski: SEMINAIRE DE SEMANTIQUE GENERALE 1937 - Transcription des Notes des Conférences de Sémantique Générale Données à Olivet College, first book by Korzybski in uncut edition published in France. (see the site La sémantique générale pour tous ) – Translation Isabelle Aubert-Baudron

- Stella Matutina : original  French version by Marylis and English translation by Paul O’Donovan and Isabelle Aubert-Baudron.

- Le Taxidermiste, original French version

- The Taxidermist: English translation by  Isabelle Aubert-Baudron & Ken Gage 
4. Other publications, in pdf in free access:

- The Interzone anthology The Time of the Naguals, on line in pdf :
- in French: Le Temps des Naguals - Autour de Burroughs et Gysin,, in printed edition and pdf
- in English : The Time of the Naguals : on line in pdf format :
* Tome 1 : Around Burroughs and Gysin: 106 pages (several texts are not published in the French tome and vice versa)

* Tome 3: Cut-ups: 92 pages

* Tome 4: Poems: 150 pages (English, Spanish, French)
* Tome 5: Short Stories : 117 pages

* Tome 7: Interzone , 127 pages  

To conclude, I wish everyone excellent Christmas celebrations !

Isabelle Aubert-Baudron

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