mardi 5 mars 2013

Interstitial Art & Unpopular Culture - Feb 2013

 The Lazarus Corporation

The first 2 months of 2013 have been rather creative, all things considered.
We've got a whole new series of "Badb Catha" photographs by Paul Watson, and nine new collages by Zenon Gradkowski.
And - a first for us - we also have a new limited edition audio CD-R from Germseed (see column to the right -> ).
Badb Catha
Badb Catha, Photograph by Paul Watson, 2013
view the whole series on the website.
Germseed: Hypernature
Hypernature: new Limited Edition CD from Germseed
"Each track is anchored like a ship in black swell; its mass crowning the bedrock that houses an underground cathedral."
Initial numbered limited edition of 49, with lino-printed sleeve/booklet, and hanko-stamped booklet and CD-R.
Hypernature is the 4th CD from Germseed. Accept and be seized.
more info, free sample track, and online ordering

New Collages

By Zenon Gradkowski:
We've got 9 brand new A4-sized collages by Zenon Gradkowski on the website.
(Re-)combining magazine images from multiple sources, these collages bring back the Burroughs cut-up technique to visual art.
See all 9 new collages
Lino Print

New Lino Print - Seated Figure

By Paul Watson
New Limited Edition Lino Print "Seated Figure" - by Paul Watson,
Limited Edition of 24, signed and hand-numbered, printed in raw umber on 100% cotton rag paper.
See larger pic of the "Seated Figure" lino print, plus more info & ordering details
Memento Mori

New Print - Memento Mori

By Paul Watson
A first foray into solar plate (photopolymer) printmaking by Paul Watson.
The original image was drawn with charcoal on True Grain film & exposed onto a photopolymer-coated steel plate. The result is an intaglio plate.
View larger pic / more details

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