dimanche 18 décembre 2011

The Time of the Naguals: Cut-ups: 3rd tome

The 3rd tome of Interzone anthology, The Time of the  Naguals, is now on line in pdf at

The contents is at http://www.interpc.fr/mapage/westernlands/tn.html

The first tomes of this anthology are available, on line in pdf.    

In French:

In English:
- Tome 1: Around Burroughs and Gysin: 106 pages (a number of texts are not published in the French tome, and reciprocally). 
- Tome 2: Research: 163 pages  
- Tome 3: Cut-ups: 92 pages
- Tome 4: Poems: 150 pages (English, Spanish, French) 


In the site Interzone Editions:
This anthology is a common work of Interzone members, gathered since 1997.
To save your time, rather than downloading the pdf, which takes several minutes, better put the mouse on the link, right click and "Record the target", so to record it on your computer, which takes one second.. Then opening the pdf file when you click on it takes another second.

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