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Interzone Academy 2011: Medical research

Updates of the page "Medical research" :

"The Patient" by Agent Zero

This page contains documents published since the end of the nineties in the site Interzone Academy, previously hosted by Geocities, and suppressed in October 2009 as all the sites hosted for free by this provider.
You can also visit the page Interzone Economy ,updated, and presently hosted in the site www.inter-zone.org

Roger Holden : Alternative, Affordable Treatment for Feline Leukemia
The "Burroughs' White Cat" Challenges the Board
(April 2001)

Apomorphine and detoxification files:
Opiates intoxication : Some suggestions from the doc
Dr Dolophine: Report From Tasmania August 1998 - A reaction to the article
0110: Methadone in question

Apomorphine: présentation : Isabelle Aubert-Baudron
Dr Dent's protocole of apomorphine cure , Ian Sommerville
A Burroughs' letter on apomorphine, which he sent with the protocole
An article on apomorphine from the magazine "Doctor" , also joined to Burroughs' letter,
A letter I sent to Dr Martensen-Larsen, who applies the cure in Denmark and is quoted in the article from "Doctor",
Dr Martensen-Larsen's answer.

A double-blind cross-over study: apomorphine/placebo in chronic alcoholics by C. Carlsson, P. R. Johansson, B. Gullbergt Nordhemspolikliniken, Gothenburg, Sweden
A Comparison of the Effects of Propranolol and Diazepam in Alcoholics by Carl Carlsson M.D. and Bengt-Goran Fasth Ph.D.
The Psychological Effects of Propranolol in the Abstinence Phase of Chronic Alcoholics by CARL CARLSSON and TAGE JOHANSSON
Propranolol in the treatment of alcoholism: a review by C. CALSSON
Propranolol treatment in chronic alcoholic outpatients by C. CARLSSON

Henri Laborit: Sur la minaprine Agr 1240 (Cantor): Pour le meilleur des mondes - L'inhibition de l'action
Henri Laborit: Alfred Korzybski Memorial Lecture 1963: THE NEED FOR GENERALIZATION IN BIOLOGICAL RESEARCH : ROLE OF THE MATHEMATICAL THEORY OF ENSEMBLES Henri Laborit, . MD Centre d'Etudes Experimentales et Cliniques de Physio-Biologie, de Pharmacologie et d'Eutonologie de la Marine Nationale, Paris, France (Institute of General Semantics)
Roger Gentis: "N'Être" :
" La Tangente "
" L'orgasme, Dieu et le fric "
" Des loups et des hommes "
" Des loups, des corbeaux et des hommes "
"The Crossroads of Dead Ends"
Des implications en sciences humaines du travail de recherche de Michel Onfray sur Freud PDF

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