samedi 17 juillet 2010

AD Winans with Robert Kennedy

Photo AD Winans,1966

I met RFK in 1966 when he was a senator. I remember that he looked even shorter than in pics I had seen of him. I was introduced to him by a navy officer who had worked for JFK. I asked if I could take his pic and he said why don't you take one with me. I was sitting next to him and I remember thinking how good the photo would look on my apartment mantle and impress the women, and as if reading my mind, we both broke out into laughter at precisely the same time, and he reached over and slapped me on the knee. A very human moment.

The night he was assassinated, the primary results were coming in slow and I went to sleep, only to wake, bolting up in bed, as if from a nightmare, and unable to go back to sleep,I turned on the TV and it was moments after he had been shot and everything was in panic mode.

Strange that should happen the way it did. It was that night I lost all interest in politics and even now wonder what the world would be like today if he had survived and won the nomination and became President.

Attached is a photo taken in 1966.


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Pris a dit…

I love this photograph, and what a great anecdote!

Monsieur K. a dit…