dimanche 27 juin 2010

Ricardo Mbarkho: Soon the National Tabbouleh Day

Since 2001, a yearly national day, celebrated the first Saturday of the month of July (this year the 3rd of July, 2010), is dedicated to TABBOULEH.
During this day, Lebanese and their friends everywhere in the world meet in private or in public around this king of the mezzé. This artistic, cultural, gastronomic and touristy feast presents them an opportunity to show and to reinforce their attachment to their country. In 2007, the Lebanese Ministry of Tourism granted its approval and its patronage officially for the NATIONAL TABBOULEH DAY.
Many events will take place all over the world! wherever there are Lebanese and friends. In downtown Beirut, for example, a big public gathering is organized at Souk el Tayeb in Saifi Village, where savoring and competitions of the best TABBOULEH will take place (www.soukeltayeb.com).
Let's celebrate all together the next NATIONAL TABBOULEH DAY that will take place on Saturday July 3, 2010. How? Here are some suggested ways:
In July 3, 2010
- Think about Tabbouleh
- Or do Tabbouleh alone or with friends
- Or do a public Tabbouleh event on your way
While doing so, know that you’re sharing these moments with all the others.
I all cases please take photos and share them on facebook for example. You can also send them to contact@nationaltabboulehday.com so we can publish them on the Website www.nationaltabboulehday.com and/or facebook…
Happy Tabbouleh Day!!!!!
forward the good news!

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