samedi 26 septembre 2009

The Wire Magazine Feature Article and free download of Master Musicians of Joujouka

The Wire magazine has a feature Jajouka in its Global Ear section by Lisa Blanning who attended this year's Master Musicians of Joujouka Festival, June 5-7. Lise stayed with leader of the Master Musicians of Joujouka, Ahmed Attar,and obviously enjoyed her stay in the village and the music and people she encountered there . The Master Musicians are proud for the offer to allow a free download and music stream on The Wire magazine website which will be permantently available on The download is a preview , rough mix, of the first ten minutes 23 seconds of the recording of the Brian Jones 40th Anniversary Festival, main night poerformence. This performance started 40 years to the hours after Brian Jones recorded the seminal Brian Jones presents the Pipes of Pan at Joujouka LP in 1968. This is the start of the Boujeloud performance and is a rough mix of an edit from a continuous performance that lasted over 1 hours 30 mins. It was produced by Frank Rynne and engineered by David Slevin. Title Habibi Wan Amali / My love what more have I/L'Aita /The Call Artist The Master Musicians of Joujouka The Master Musicians of Joujouka/Jajouka on this recording are Ahmed El Attar drums El Kahil Radi drums Mustahpa El Attar drums Ahmed Bouhsini rhiata Mohamed Mokhchan rhiata Abdelslam Errtoubi rhiata Abdellah Ziyat rhiata Mohamed El Attar rhiata Mohamed El Tahami rhiata Buy the October 2009 issue of The Wire for Lisa Blanning's article reporting on the 2009 festival.

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