lundi 18 février 2008

the lazarus corporation news & updates

the lazarus corporation news & updates

alternative visual art, music & writing

Much has been happening at the Lazarus Corporation website - this is just a summary. If you haven't browsed our way for a bit, why not head over now to

New Blog - selling art, music and writing
We've just launched a new blog investigating topics such as the use of social networks to promote your art, getting well-ranked in search engines, ways to make a living from your music in the age of free mp3s (without aping the idiocy of the RIAA), self-publishing of written work, micropayment systems, understanding how the long tail helps you and related topics.

It's written from the point of view of artists and creators who don’t have a budget (as opposed to similar blogs aimed at companies with vast IT budgets and a team of web developers!).

I can’t promise to provide all the answers (but maybe you can - comments are enabled on the blog), but I hope to try. I’m going to be drawing from my ongoing practice as an artist along with my day job (managing a web team for an international publishing company - I’ve worked as a professional web developer for the past 12 years).
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New Work by Wayne Wolfson
Wayne Wolfson got to be the first news item for 2008, with his new piece of writing called "of rabbits and flowers"...
go read it now.

Art/Music/Culture Discussion Forum
Continuing discussion on the future of culture on the web, latest music and visual art, great books, films, and assorted nonsense.
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