lundi 26 novembre 2018

Lorraine Belcher Chamberlain and S. Clay Wilson: The Complete Zap Comix

We received The Complete Zap last night! Five boxes delivered to our door. The stack, containing one « copy » each, is nearly as tall as me. I am stunned by this beautiful edition. There is the Portfolio, containing perfect reproductions of every cover, suitable for framing. Then there is the Zap Story, with biographies of each artist as well as their pre-Zap influences and work, plus their work outside of Zap. And the story of how it started with R. Crumb, then evolved into its cast of additional characters. Then of course, all of the Zaps, including the long-awaited #16. Wilson completed ten pages for it when he was in Laguna Honda Hospital. It is heart wrenching to see how well he could still draw then, even though his narrative is sometimes a bit wacky. I took some photos of Wilson on the couch today, looking a little overwhelmed by this gorgeous edition, as well as some close ups to share with you. It is beautiful, elegant (not a word usually found when describing comics…or Zap) truly complete, and somehow still revolutionary as well as outrageous. Enjoy…..

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