lundi 12 janvier 2015

A.D. Winans: We must not forget

We must not forget.
Who would have thought
skittles and ice tea
was a death sentence

light rain sings its night song
death folded away like a black rose
clamped in a buzzard’s beak
A boy with a dream
walks home alone at night
a shot rings out in the air

like a popped popcorn kernel

a lifeless body falls to the ground

gunned down by a wanna-be cop
and Florida’s “stand your ground”
license to kill law
Justice denied
by a judge’s tortured
jury instructions
No appeal for Trayvon
no appeal for the dead
in the State of life-takers
and death-makers
where a young black boy
must forever fear
to walk home alone at night
always within a legal
sniper’s gun sight
Lock and load the chamber
no safety on the gun
make it as black as the night
holster it at the back hip
to keep it from sight
Know the law is on your side
black is black white is white
it’s OK to shoot on sight
when a black boy with a dream
walks home alone at night

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