vendredi 20 décembre 2013

watt plays live three times the week he turns fiftysix!

 "Sunset in Bologna" © Mike Watt

Sent: Wednesday, December 18, 2013 1:59 PM
Subject: watt plays live three times the week he turns fiftysix!
 good people,
 tonight is one of those kinds
 of times I get to do hellride
 w/porno for pyros' perk + peter,
 melding real-o mind w/trane using
 much respect and total freakouts
 wednesday, december 18 at 10 pm
 at the mint, 6010 w. pico bl.
 l.a., ca (323) 954-9400
 _ _ _ _ _
 this friday is my 56th bday
 + both my secondmen + my
 missingmen will play w/me
 together at the same time!
 december 20 at 10 pm
 at di piazza's, 5205 e. pch
 long beach, ca (562) 498-2461
 _ _ _ _ _
 saturday is the big fling for dean
 dean the prancing machine (I did
 not put dean's name twice by mis-
 take, by the way) at dave's new
 pad so me + my secondmen
 will be breaking it in buck wild
 december 21 at 7:45 pm
 cafe nela, 1906 cypress av.
 cypress park, ca (323) 332-2027
 free gig!
 | | | | |
 "comfort & joy" is a special limited-edition
 christmas compilation album, from which
 all proceeds will go toward providing
 resources for homeless youth. I gave
 these fine folks a version of "the
 first noel" I did on solo bass.
 | | | | |
 brand new from brother oli! he's got
 my voice and bass here:
 plus he let me mix it.
 - - - - -
 and now there's more!
 he's got my bass here:
 | | | | |
 me and raymond's new band called
 sock-tight just released our debut
 recording, double seven inch vinyl
 in a gatefold sleeve
 | | | | |
 finally, I'm glad to let you know me + my
 fratelli cooked up second il sogno del marinaio
 album last week in bologna, e fatta!

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