mardi 12 novembre 2013

On Rusty Truck: Veterans Day (2013) by Bradley Mason Hamlin

This day go on me before I knew it.  But I just received this Poem honoring Veterans
and couldn't let it take a look.
I am reminded today of the Nam vets I knew and know--friends that died either  there or when they got back--some still alive barely but died and didn't know it.  The guys that cry late at night from nightmares.  I think about these Vets because I went to school with them, worked with them, grew up with them.  All combat veterans are heroes, I thank all who served in whatever capacity. 

Taught my kiddos in school today about real heroes today when we had about 30 vets in for brunch and to honor them.  When the program was over--every student in the school went by their tables and shook their hand.  Some of the WWII guys had tears.  No need for background checks--I know where these guys came from and where they've been.

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