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The Lazarus Corporation: Interstitial Art & Unpopular Culture - Dec 2012

The Lazarus Corporation
Interstitial Art, Music, Writing, Unpopular Culture

Hi Isabelle,
Just a quick end-of-year update to let you know of a few new pieces of artwork and plans for the future.
We've got 2 new limited edition prints by me up on the website, and plans for a lot of new artwork in the first 3 months of next year, including more prints, photography, and drawings.
Paul Watson
Medea Print
Medea, Lino Print by Paul Watson, 2012
view larger on the website.
The Lazarus Corporation Online Shop
Regular visitors to the website will probably have noticed that we have added a new section - an online shop where you can buy limited edition artwork.
Our aim is to keep prices affordable (less than an evening's drinking!). We currently have 5 of Paul Watson's limited edition lino prints and a set of Medea postcards available.
We've also set up an Etsy store, if you prefer to buy via Etsy.
Untitled (Figure in Landscape)

Untitled (Figure in Landscape)

By Paul Watson:
A 2-block Lino Print by Paul Watson, printed in November 2012.
Continuing his exploration of personal mythic archetypes, this is a Limited Edition of 20, signed and hand-numbered by the artist.
More about this print (view large image on website)
Postcards from the Isle of the Dead (Part One)

Postcards from the Isle of the Dead (Part One)

By Germseed
Limited Edition 4-track CD-R from Germseed, aka Alice Kemp. Ordering is via PayPal on the Germseed Blog.
Each disc and cover is hanko stamped, each cover has two affixed planchette postage stamps and a hand-pencilled track list.
More about Postcards from the Isle of the Dead (Part One) plus sample track

December Order Dates

Now that we've got the shop set up, we need to do the old "ordering in time for Christmas" thing:
If anyone wants to order any limited edition prints to arrive before Christmas here are the dates you'll need to make your orders by:
Ordering from the UK: Wednesday 19th December
Ordering from Western Europe: Tuesday 11th December
Ordering from US/Canada/Eastern Europe: Sunday 9th December
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