lundi 2 avril 2012

Paul A Green's The Gestaltbunker now released by Shearsman Book

I'm very pleased to announce my latest publication The Gestaltbunker -
Selected Poems 1965-2010:

"The Gestaltbunker encapsulates the range of Paul A Green's output. His
briefings on nuclear apocalypse, global melt-down and the excesses of media
landscaping are transmitted through surreal inscapes and an intensifying
torsion of language. He moves from mid-life probes into the basement of a
psyche to domestic praise-songs and celebrations. The riddles of time and
consciousness continue to pre-occupy him, whether encountered through
magick, music or the mysteries of the city."

³Thrillingly dystopian...² John Goodby

³From his cloister, Brother Paul emerges, jazzed & weaponized. As raw as a
Delta Blues in a sharecropper's shack, yet as sinister as Flash Gordon
playing Faustus on the Mongo fault-line abyss.²   Lawrence Russell

"His interests have coaxed him deep into the occult, surrealism and pop
culture; his investigations meld and come into outstanding idiom...² J.
Michael Yates.   

Available directly from Shearsman, as above, or via Amazon in UK and North

A video is in production and there will be launch readings in London and
elsewhere later in the year. Meanwhile, the Bunker is open for inspection.
Paul Green

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