samedi 30 octobre 2010

Ricardo Mbarkho: Updates on recent shows and releases. October 30, 2010

EXHIBITION IN LEBANON > "Digital Visuals from Lebanon" at the Visual Art Forum - Beirut
From 26 October 2010 to 2 November 2010

SYMPOSIUM IN FRANCE > Art and Sciences in the Mediterranean Rim. Which inter-cultural situation? IMéRA, Marseille

CONFERENCE IN CYPRUS > Biennale de Paris in Cyprus. ARTos Foundation + Biennale de Paris: Reinventing the terminology of art
Nicosia, 19-25 oct. 2010

ONLINE MAGAZINE > Portrait of Ricardo Mbarkho @ TURBULENCES VIDÉO #69

BOOK > Cultures and Globalization Series: Cultural Expression, Creativity and Innovation. SAGE Edition. 2010
"A different kind of media creativity in the Lebanon", text by Ricardo Mbarkho, pp. 270-271.

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