lundi 18 janvier 2010

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Hi Isabelle Baudron,
Just a few updates for January 2010:
The Book of the Erinyes
LinoprintProgress on the Book of the Erinyes continues, and the limited edition series of handbound artists books are expected to be ready in May/June this year.
There will also be a print-on-demand paperback version available to buy online, and a free ebook version to download.
New woodcuts and linoprints are being added to the artwork section of the Book of the Erinyes website on a regular basis.
We encourage you to leave comments on any of the artwork.
There will also be a limited edition series of letterpress-printed broadsides available to buy before the actual book is finished - keep your eye on the Book of the Erinyes site for updates.
Art Updates via Facebook
First of Find the Lazarus Corporation on Facebookall, a reminder that you can keep up to date with new things at the Lazarus Corporation on Facebook - if you become a fan then you'll see our news in your news feed.
We only post news items twice a week at the most, to avoid swamping your Facebook news feed.
You can also find me on Twitter at if that's your preferred channel.
Alice Kemp has recently laucnhed her own site at which is a home for her doll photos, photography, ghost photography & small poetry.

Interview with Paul Watson
You can find a short interview with me on Paul Grimsley's In To Views blog, about my artwork and the Book of the Erinyes.
The Interstitial Arts Foundation
An organisation called the Interstitial Arts Foundation picked up on a blog post I wrote on the Book of the Erinyes journal about promoting interstitial art.
They followed up with their own post about the subject - worth a read!

Paul Watson

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