dimanche 27 décembre 2009

Yony Leyser: William S. Burroughs: A Man WIthin -- WORLD PREMIERE

WIlliam S. Burroughs A Man Within
To Premiere January 22nd, opening night at
Slamdance Film Festival
Park City, UT
Burroughs boatPark City, Utah - January 22, 2010- William S. Burroughs: A Man Within is finally here! I would like to invite you to come. It will premiere opening night of the festival. There will also be a follow up screening at Slamdance on January 27th. Visit the Film festival site at www.slamdance.com It is premiering a day after Gus Van Sant / Rob Epsteins' HOWL down the street at Sundance

- If you can make it out, let me know and I will make sure you get in. Otherwise it should screen in your area soon

Not to be tacky, and I hate doing this, but...
We need your help!
We are so close to making this happen, (we will hopefully sell the film soon) but until then, we don't have enough money to make it through the festival. Can you help us out? Check out our Kickstarter profile. There are some great benefits for giving and great info:
Please please just check it out-- If for nothing else, check out who is in the film.
Donations are safe and through Amazon payments.
If you can't help out financially, I completely understand (we would love you to pass the link on, tweet or blog about it). We have a goal of $3,000... If we don't make that then we don't get any of the pledged money. Check it out.. get a free DVD.. or Assistant Producer credit.

If you make a pledge (or have a question)
Email me at yonilizer@gmail.com

I am not going to send out another email about this because I don't want to bug you, so please take this opportunity.

This film has been a success thanks to the hard work of my film team and all of William Burroughs' great friends who have donated their time, photographs, footage, music, art work, connections, and general support.
We are so close. We just need a final push.

I also want to thank the Burroughs Estate and Ginsberg Trust for their support.

I cannot tell you how much I appreciate the opportunity to help preserve the legacy of this culturally important figure and all the interesting and wonderful people he continues to influence.



Yony Leyser
William S. Burroughs: A Man Within

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