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Master Musicians of Joujouka: U2 's Bono cites Master Musicians of Joujouka as an inspiration for their new CD

In the main interview to promote the launch of U2's new CD No Line on the Horizon, Bono said that they started this musical project in Morocco in 2007 in order to get close to the spirit of the "Joujouka drummers"

Bono speaking to Sean O Hagan in Morocco 2007 from the Observer Music Monthly 15 Feb 2009.

"What's happening down here is beyond reason," Bono had enthused,when the idea of me shadowing them had first been broached. "Spiritsare hovering. We're chasing the Joujouka drummers and differentstructures for pop."
The legendary Joujouka drummers drew both Brian Jones and William Burroughs to Fez in the late 60s, but this time around, other guiding spirits were also at work. Every night, as darkness fell, the haunting voices of devotional Sufi singers wouldrise up and drift across the rooftops, their song-prayers lasting forhours at a time. "There was definitely something in the air downthere," Bono will tell me later. "And we picked up on it.""
The Master Musicians of Joujouka are managed and produced by another Irishman Frank Rynne who has worked with them since he helped bring them to Ireland in 1992 to perform and participate in the Here to Go Show at The Project Art's Centre which was the first exhibition to feature the paintings of William S. Burroughs and Brion Gysin. During the art show the master actually played in Harry's bar which was then part of the Clarence Hotel which is owned by U2 and Harry Crosbie who also owns the newly revamped music venue the 02 Point Depot in Dublin.

U2 also had an early association with the Project Art's Centre performing at the influential Dark Space in 1979 along with Virgin Prunes and a host of other small artistic Dublin bands. Their Clarence Hotel is opposite the Project in Dublin's Temple bar district.
A Rolling Stone's Moroccan odyssey - The Irish Times - Tue, Jul 22 2008 by Frank Rynne

The Master Musicians of Joujouka Festival 2009 is taking place in Joujouka /Jajouka, Morocco, 5-7 June, 2009.Booking Now On Master Musicians of Joujouka Official Website

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