jeudi 1 janvier 2009

"Div Joyvision" by Datawhore and michael dent now on iTunes

Datawhore is a sound poet based in the UK and creating solo or collaborating with a number of other artists. Datawhore's sounds cover a wide spectrum, from the outrightly ironic and satirical to the very serious and intense. Recently Datawhore released five albums on iTunes, the most recent being "Div Joyvision" comprising a collaboration with michael dent. An intro follows:

Roll for You
The second of my collaborations with Michael. I didn't know until I had completed it what it was about precisely, but the abstraction of working oblivious to the context of the words paradoxically facilitated a soundscape for them. Although I find Michael's best work piercing, I also enjoy working to a sense of "unlanguage", or "words as things", and to this end use a great deal of repetition and monotony (i.e. "on and on and on") to make the words mean nothing.

My first attempt at intuiting Michael's meaning proved successful, from a baby boomer Patsy Cline clip sure to sync with our mutual timeline, to some dissonant loops that create a characteristically muggy, foggy Datawhore undertow.

When I Die
The anger, plain-talking and stoicism in Michael's short text points up the pluses of his work. He can be verbose, but it's these laconic pieces or fragments thereof that make him interesting to me. Human, damaged and defiant, his attitude can grate but there is a core of almost perverse compassion that even if only inferred yet proves attractive.

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