vendredi 17 octobre 2008

Tonight, The Whirling Dervish in Santa Monica

Big, gigantic, and excessively sloppy THANKS to the kids for comin' out to Long beach last night! It was a great night, thank you for making it so.

Tonight we do it again...

10/16/2008 09:00 PM - Trip
w/ Oddfellows and Gurtrudestein
Yet another free show...we're on a roll!
2101 Lincoln Blvd
Santa Monica, California 90405

First show on the westside in quite a long time with two bands from San Diego we've never played with before. Totally free man.

10/31/2008 09:00 PM - El Cid
w/ The Ghost Lullaby, Modern Time Machines, & Joe Ward
4212 W Sunset Blvd
silverlake, California 90029
friday the neighborhood...booyah. :)
William Brandon

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