samedi 27 septembre 2008

Joujouka Black Eyes CD available again from this weekend

Joujouka Black Eyes the 1995 classic release by The Master Musicians of Joujouka is now available at our store.The CD was the first production by Frank Rynne of The Master Musicians of Joujouka and was the first release by the Masters on the Sub Rosa label. Recorded over a nine week period in 1994; it features both large ensembles and small groups of the Sufi masters playing in informal settings.. The CD contains 16 tracks including Brian Jones Joujouka Very Stoned. This tribute to Rolling Stones founder Brian Jones is a standard in the musicians repertoire.
Joujouka Black Eyes has been hard to come by in recent years but following the success of the Brian Jones 40th Anniversary Festival in July 2008 the CD is now available again.

"The contrast between the earthy drum rhythms and the delicate filigree of the flute work, sounding like some avian fantasy, is luscious. Listeners who only know this genre through recordings like Apocalypse Across the Sky owe it to themselves to hear Joujouka's flip side, the one without one ear tilted toward the world music market."
Brian Olewnick, All Music GuideVisit our store this weekend to order Joujouka Shop

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