samedi 14 juin 2008

Joujouka: Track Featuring Marianne Faithfull added to our Myspace songs

We have added "My Only Friend" by Marianne Faithfull and The Master Musicians of Joujouka to our songs.
The track first appeared on the 10%:file under Burroughs (Sub Rosa Records) in 1996. This Marianne's tribute to her friend and Joujouka mentor Brion Gysin and feature his favorate music the flutes of the Mallims of Joujouka.
Other artists on the 2 CD 10%:File under Burroughs include Bill Laswell, Master Musicians of Joujouka, John Cale, Stanley Booth, Material, Chuck Prophet, William S. Burroughs, Brion Gysin, Terry Wilson, Ira Cohen, and Herbert Hunke.
The CD was an aural continuation of the Here To Go Show which took place at the Projects Art Centre and other venues in Dublin, Ireland, in 1992. The show was featured paintings by William Burroughs, Brion Gysin, and Mohamed Hamri. Live perforlmences and readings by Master Musicians of Joujouka, Hakim Bey, Terry Wilson, Felicity Mason, Joe Ambrose, Ira Cohen and more..........
It is documented in the DVD Destroy All Rational Thought (Screen edge) which is available at
Master Musicians of Joujouka Web Shop

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